Who we are

Agora is the UK’s open forum for foreign policy.

We are an open-source foreign policy think tank. We are also part of a global network of open think tanks, with sister organisations in Switzerland, Germany, France, and Austria. Our leadership team and our membership come from a diverse range of professional, academic, and personal backgrounds. What brings us together is a desire to make a meaningful contribution to discussions in the world of international relations.

“We” could include you. We are always seeking new members and welcome collaboration with like-minded organisations.

What we do

Agora provides a platform for people who are knowledgeable and passionate about international affairs. Our aim is to create and grow a community that combines the intellectual rigour of academia with the professional standards of a think tank. We support our members in developing ideas and empower them to influence foreign policy outside of the conventional channels.

We work to produce informed, creative, and pragmatic foreign policy proposals. Through our blogs, briefings, policy papers, and events we allow a wide range of voices to participate in the key debates on the future of international relations.

What we believe

Agora is independent and politically neutral. Nevertheless we are committed to the principles of democracy, human rights, rule of law, internationalism, and multilateralism. We hope to strengthen these values through our work.

We believe that engaging a more diverse range of people in foreign policy discussions is the best way to improve public understanding of international affairs and develop innovative proposals that help solve the global challenges of the 21st Century and achieve a more stable, fair, and prosperous world.