Welcome to the Agora London page!

The team can be contacted at [email protected] 

Agora London is composed of students, professionals, and anyone looking to expand their understanding of international affairs as they relate to the UK and the world. We host events such as Policy and Pints every month to allow members to gather and discuss big questions directly related to current events, enhancing each other’s perspectives along the way. We also encourage our members to research and write articles for Agora's Research Programmes, which include Democracy and Governance, Defence and Security, Energy and Climate, Migration, and Transatlantic Relations. Information regarding our Policy and Pints events can be found on our Instagram page at @agora.london.

Agora London is a small but quickly growing group, eager to expand its breadth and depth of discussions and activities for members. We are aiming to expand our membership base and leadership to allow us to host guest speakers and to further improve the quality of our debates in events such as Policy & Pints, allowing us to provide a space for members to learn from each other’s perspectives.

The operations of the London Regional Group are primarily handled by a small cadre of officers in 
dedicated leadership roles.

Meet the team
Bradley Tait -  Head
Bradley received an MSc candidate in the Politics of East Asia from the School of Oriental and African Studies. His research focused on East Asian defence and security, with a particular focus on China. Prior to starting his MSc, Bradley lived and worked in Washington DC, where he attended George Washington University as an undergraduate, pursuing a BA in International Relations.

Bradley runs Agora London with the help of Griffin Allen, Ritangshu Bhattacharya, and Mohammad Omer Butt. 

Griffin Allen
Griffin is a Master’s student studying International Relations at King’s College London, and is interested in Sino-Western relations. His research interests include the Chinese military and China’s foreign policy towards the US and Europe. He’s also passionate about learning languages and listening to music.

The London team is always looking for new volunteers, including for our leadership roles. Contact us for more information.